Adventures in Textureland #2

Worked on texturing the first shop model. I had decided to try a procedurally generated texture but ran into issues with the texture looking blocky. I could not resolve the issue, even though I knew that the matter should be as straightforward as resizing the projection ratios.
I consulted with Daryl who spent some time with me trying to resolve the issue. Eventually we came to the conclusion that the procedurally generated textures were not very good.
I have decided to use largely flat colours on the building and car models. This will save time and allow me to focus more attention to other aspects of the project.
I have a recurring issue with my eyeball model and transferring the work between my PC and the ones at the University. For some reason the UV map becomes distorted when the work is transferred to a different machine. I have an eyeball that I had created as a test run. Its shape is less interesting and allows for less in the way of specular reflections and it has a plain iris but it will serve.


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