The Bionomics of the Gobbler

The Gobbler
The Gobbler
The Gobbler
The Gobbler is a headless humanoid creature. Its eyes are located where a human male’s nipples would be and a huge toothy mouth grins like a red, wet gash across its stomach. The creature becomes sexually aroused when it is eating, or when it is near to catching its prey.  This arousal forms part of the creature’s horrific life cycle.

During mating season when female Gobblers are in heat the male will hunt the best prey it can find. Rather than devouring its victim it carries them back to its intended mate as an offering. The female signifies acceptance by devouring the victim’s head. The male then joins the female in the meal and it is during this shared moment of feasting that the act of copulation takes place. It should be noted that the female Gobbler’s mouth runs from the centre of its breasts down to the perineum and is also the orifice into which the male inserts its penis.

Once the coital act is complete the female kills the male. Rather than eating him straight away she keeps him, eating only small pieces over the next four weeks. The female typically dies a week before the end of the five-week gestation period. This is because her brood of two to four Gobblings consume her from the inside.

Gobblers reach maturity within five weeks. It is unknown how long Gobblers would live if they were not to procreate.


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