Midnight Medicine Run: Production Diary

Week 1

As part of our Character Implementation module we have to produce a 60 second animation featuring two characters interacting without dialogue. We have to finalise designs for the two and I have chosen two characters from a post apocalyptic setting: The Gobbler and Mortpetit, a monster and a legless gimp respectively. Due to the extreme nature of the Gobbler (it gets aroused while hunting prey and eating) it was suggested that the character may not be appropriate to use for academic work.

The discussion prompted the development of a life cycle for the creature that explains its arousal, making it more horrifying to my mind.

In the interests of an easy life I decided to change my mind about the characters and instead opted to use two other characters potentially intended for the same piece of creative work, a boy and girl who are siblings.

Week 2

Learned about colour theory as it is used in film and character design. Elected to use a tetrad scheme with violet as the root colour. The base colours are purple (violet), red-orange, yellow and blue-green. It seems to me that these colours will allow me to depict a night-time environment.

Wrote the Midnight Medicine Run beat sheet. Drew overhead map of the intended environment.


Having decided that I was going to set the piece in an exterior urban environment I photographed several shop fronts and vehicles to serve as reference photos for 3D model construction in Maya.

Began construction of the Harry model in Mudbox. As I had begun the model at home on the 2017 version of the software and the University is running the 2016 version the model was corrupted and I had to start again.

Began construction of one of the shop fronts for use in the scene.


Week 3

Began construction of the Sarah model in Mudbox. For the sake of expediency I used the base human mesh for my models. Mudbox does not allow you to scale only part of the mesh so I had to import the model into Maya and reduce the length of the arms so they were the right scale before reimporting the modified model back into Mudbox for further sculpting. Most important lesson learned? Determine the appropriate scale of limbs first and sort that out before doing any other work. Reimporting the modified mesh causes the work done at higher resolution levels to be lost.



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